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Shimla weather has remained to be an element of attraction ever since the British rule. The similarity of Shimla temperature to that of Britishers' native land forced the exotic people to transform the hills covered with deodar trees into a small town with marvelous architecture of buildings. Temperature in Shimla ever since has been appealing and unpredictable at the same time. Shimla temperature like other hill stations does not reach the extremities especially during summer seasons. Average temperature of warm months i.e. May, June ranges between 28° Celsius to 32° Celsius. However, the same cannot be said about weather in Shimla during the time of snowfall.

Snowfall in Shimla

Snowfall in Shimla is a prime factor for giving momentum to tourism based economy of the city. Winter sets in the month of October and adieu the Queen of hills in the month of March. However, the time of snowfall in Shimla is mainly restricted within the two months January and February.

The global phenomena of climate change has affected Shimla adversely. Shimla weather has now undergone a tremendous change. Shimla weather in December is not very cold especially during afternoons. One may experience low temperatures during the morning and evening hours of the day. For the last few years, the time of snowfall has delayed from December to January. Shimla weather now does not allow white Christmas and sometimes the new year celebrations also make their way without snowfall.

When the snowfall starts in Shimla, the entire scenario changes. Soft, white balls of snow silently cover the queen of hills with a white blanket. Snow covered ranges of the Shiwaliks, pinnacles hanging from the roofs and white trees attract tourists from all corners of the country. Whereas Shimla snowfall time is fun time for tourists, it is very challenging for the natives demanding a lot of efforts to carry on daily activities.

Shimla Weather Forecast

Weather forecast Shimla is most looked upon by the sightseers when planning a visit to the city as the sudden fluctuations in temperature are a prominent feature of Shimla weather. Temperature in Shimla takes rapid swings throughout the year. Today weather in Shimla may be hot and in the next few hours you may experience showers of rain. Evening showers are quite common during summers. Weather in Shimla is most pleasant during the three months September, October and November. It is during these three months that Shimla weather is in transition phase, where retreated monsoons have draped the hills in lush green color and the preceding winters force the biodiversity to be ready for snowfall in Shimla.

Snow lovers often look for time of snowfall in Shimla, predictability of which is often attempted by Indian Meteorological Department under the caption of weather forecast Shimla. Rather more precise time of snowfall in Shimla could be attained if weather phenomena for a longer duration is tracked and maintained. This could be done by surfing weather forecast Shimla 15 days. Sightseers are eager to know Shimla snowfall time 2017. Though exact date and time cannot be predicted, forecast of Shimla weather in January 2017 does raise the hopes of much awaited white droplets of precipitation wherein maximum temperature may be 11° Celsius while minimum could be below the freezing point.

Today weather in Shimla is challenging from the perspective of restoration of long duration of cold and chilled climate that used to last for more than four months. Shimla weather today demands from its natives as well tourists to join hands to restore the beauty of Shimla weather as it was. One such move to control the rising temperature in Shimla is the ban on polythene bags all over the state of Himachal Pradesh. Many other government schemes have been linked with environment preservation so that prosperity and purity can be associated with Shimla weather today, tomorrow and always.