The Ridge Shimla

The Ridge Shimla

While talking or reading about beauty, we often come across the famous quote by John Keats, “Thing of beauty is joy forever”. The Ridge Shimla is one such spot which forces the sightseers to recapitulate the quote and experience it when one is roaming on The Ridge Shimla anytime, any day and any season.

Mesmerizing beauty of the Ridge Shimla is timeless. Shimla Ridge photos captured at any time of the day in any season present the aesthetic beauty of the Ridge Shimla in mosaic of vibrant hue and colors used by nature in its own pattern and design. Dawn and dusk are the best times to witness the beauty at its best from this open space of the city. During summers, the Ridge Shimla is a pleasant space to witness the cool breeze of the hills. On the other hand, the space is covered with white frozen snow granules in the winters. Shimla Ridge history is as old as Shimla itself. Each single landmark on the ridge reveals the history of the city as well as that of the Ridge Shimla.

Major Attractions on the Ridge Shimla

The Ridge Shimla is an elongated portion of hill extending from Lakkar Bazaar on one end to the Kaalibari temple on the other. In Lakkar Bazaar, one will come across a variety of artifacts carved out using wood. The path towards the Kalibaari temple is marked by historical places and buildings such as the Scandal Point and General Post Office. This area on the ridge Shimla has turned out to be the corporate center too. Many important offices and banks of the city are located in this area. Another attraction on the Ridge Shimla is horse riding. In the past, horses were used by the British officers for Ridge hill climbing Shimla. Today beautiful black and white horses stand on the Ridge Shimla awaiting children, natives and tourists for a ride. All such activities find their beautiful expressions in Shimla Ridge pictures.

Shimla Ridge pictures are found in many art galleries as a signature of beauty that resides within the hills. Shimla Ridge photos evoke the nostalgic feelings for natives away from their hometown. For others, Shimla Ridge photos act as stimulus which triggers the action of planning a visit to Shimla. Shimla Ridge view is always mesmerizing in terms of beauty. It turns out to be more captivating when some cultural activity is organized at the Ridge Shimla. Shimla Ridge Photos are full of vibrant colors during the summer festival. During this festival, Shimla Ridge View is like a rainbow which reflects varying intensity of vibrant shades.

The Christ Church

The most renowned spot is the Shimla Christ Church. It is the second oldest Christ Church in North India. The formation of this Church is neo-gothic style. Ever since its construction in 1857, Shimla Christ Church has witnessed many historical events and is still one of the major attractions on the Ridge Shimla. With the passage of time, various restoration activities have been undertaken to preserve the ancient look of Shimla Christ Church.

Shimla Church walls portray various events from the life of Jesus that are idols of worship and signify the victory of faith and love. Shimla Church photos, especially when the church is illuminated at night, mesmerize one and all. The silhouette of Shimla Christ Church is remarkably visible from the surrounding areas of Shimla. It is one of the most visited spot on the Ridge Shimla. The Shimla Church has been highlighted in many Bollywood Movies like "Black" and "3 Idiots".

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