St. Bede’s College Shimla

St. Bede’s College Shimla

Rajkiya Kanya Mahavidyalaya Shimla and St. Bede’s College Shimla are the two colleges for women within the premise of city. While the former was established in 1978 after statehood of Himachal Pradesh the latter owes its foundation to the time of British rule. Two academic institutions ever since the origin have shaped remarkable female personalities. Suman Rawat Mehta famous sportswoman from Himachal Pradesh is alumni of R.K.M.V College Shimla. On other hand, Preity Zinta versatile actress and Pratibha Singh affluent politician of Indian National Congress are few of the eminent alumina of the St. Bede’s College Shimla.

Shimla College list also highlight name of two other most fabulous co-educational colleges catering to the academic needs of youth. Rajiv Gandhi Government College and Government Degree College, while former is popular by the name of Kotshera College and latter as Sanjauli College.

Sanjauli College withholds distinct position by not only being first Degree College to be set up in Shimla in 1969 but also earning to its name a tag of Centre of Excellence in 2006. The college within lush green deodar and oak trees serve the students and prepare them for professional courses as well along with regular courses of arts ,science and commerce streams. Kotshera College Shimla is yet another remarkable institute situated in lap of nature in Shimla. Foundation year of College was 1986 ever since it has been progressing at speedy rate in terms of procuring academicians for the nation.

Colleges in Shimla are amalgam of private and government efforts to impart higher as well professional education to the increasing strength of students completing their basic education. Amongst all the colleges in Shimla St. Bede’s College is one of the colleges which is semi-government in nature i.e. functioning of college is private in nature though the structure of college such as ; recruitment of staff as well essential requirement for admission of students in college is strictly in accordance to the norms of state government. Apart from being the oldest college in sate rather in North India St. Bede’s College Shimla has one more characteristics that make it stand distinct in Shimla College list.

St. Bede’s College Shimla is a hallmark for Montessori form of education imparted in most of Catholic schools in Shimla right from primary level. British style of educating the future generation finds its way in most of the catholic schools of Shimla but it is solely carried forward by St. Bede’s College. Rich natural environment, vibrant historical past, versatile professional courses are few of the tremendous features that college posses and attract students all over the nation.

No less than St. Bede’s College is Rajkiya Kanya Mahavidyalaya Shimla, R.K.M.V is an initiative by state government to excel female in education stream by catering to the needs of female individually. College in recent years has expanded its horizons as well infrastructure. Additional feature of college is hostel facility that accommodates students all over the state. R.K.M.V Shimla address points out the location of college on Elysium Hill Opposite to Auckland House School, Long Wood. Hostel as well College premise are located in peaceful and beautiful locations which are well connected to the road.

Election is one of the prominent features among all the colleges in Shimla. Sanjauli College, Kotshera College and R.K.M.V College Shimla are three colleges that witness elections on vital scale. In these colleges election time calls in for preparations alike festivals. Students whole heartedly are involved in each of the electoral activity viz. campaigning for parties, preparing agendas for the parties and so on. On other hand St. Bede’s College have slight variation in context of elections. Institution witness elections none other than the purpose of smooth functioning of the college, while remaining three colleges i.e. Sanjauli College, Kotshera College and R.K.M.V College Shimla do not conduct the elections with same orientation. In these colleges the election scenario and purpose is somewhat similar to National Politics.

However one can say that it is the versatility of St. Bede’s College, vision of R.K.M.V College, excellence of Sanjauli College and professionalism of Kotshera College pose a challenge in front of upcoming youth to make a choice for the college they want to associate with today- as a seeker of knowledge; tomorrow- as a student of college and later-an alumni of college.

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