Chadwick Falls Shimla

Chadwick Falls Shimla

Chadwick Falls Shimla (Shimla Glen) Must-visit for Nature & Peace Lovers

Shimla is a heaven for tourists and nature lovers. It has a lot of serenic places that makes you forget your all worries and give you a relaxation time. On visiting these places, you feel the peace that you had never felt before. You can’t help but admire their beauty. Chadwick Falls, Shimla is one such beautiful location. Every year thousands of tourists come here for peace and to spend a few hours away from the city’s madness. This post reveals some crucial details about Chadwick Falls. Give this article a read and find out for yourself. Best of luck:

Chadwick Falls Location

Chadwick Falls (Shimla Glen) is located amidst the dense Glen Forests, which is about 7KM from the Ridge Shimla and 4KM from Summer Hill Shimla.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Chadwick Falls, Shimla Interesting Story behind the Name

The story behind the name Chadwick falls is equally interesting as the place itself. The legend is that the waterfall is so high that only birds can reach at the top. Hence, Locals called it Chidku Jhaar. Chidku means bird, while Jhaar means waterfall. However, when the british people came in India, they started called it Chadwick Fall and today we know it by that name. Another legend is that gods imprisoned a devil inside these rocks and the water comes from the mouth of the devil. Interesting, isn’t it.

What’s Special about Chadwick Falls?

The Shimla Glen waterfall is located at a very serene location. Lush green deodar & pine trees, and surrounding hills give an exotic feel. If you’re looking for a place where you can relax away from the city’s madness, this location is perfect. You’ll feel relax like never before.

How to Reach There

As mentioned earlier Chadwick Falls is at a walkable distance (distance from Shimla to Glen is 7KMs from the ridge) from both Summer Hill and the Ridge. So, you can easily reach there by treking. However, if you have an old or ill person – you can hire a cab. They will charge you only the reasonable price.

Where to Stay Near Chadwick Falls

If you’re planning a night’s stay near the Chadwick Falls, don’t worry, many Hotels are available near the Shimla Glen that will offer you rooms at reasonable prices. Here are a few of them:

Hotels Near Chadwick Falls Shimla

Hotel Distance
Marina Hotel 830 meters
Hotel Willow Banks 500 meters
Hotel Combermere 500 meters
The Cedar Grand Hotel 700 meters
Hotel Surya 600 meters
Hotel Honeymoon Inn 900 meters
Shivalik Regency 500 meters

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a place where you can relax away from the disturbing life of the city – you should go to Chadwick Falls. The location has a special aura that eases all the negativity and makes you full of happiness. You just feel that you’re sitting in the lap of nature.

Anyway, do you have plans to visit Chadwick Falls (Shimla Glen) soon? Please let us know in comments.

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