Scandal Point Shimla

Scandal Point Shimla

A famous address; universal landmark; renowned moot place for the natives and the most visited spot by the tourists is Scandal Point Shimla. Scandal Point in Shimla is very popular spot amongst the natives and most admired destination for the tourists visiting Shimla. Scandal Point Shimla is a spot of confluence of Mall and Ridge. Some of the other beautiful, local paths such as Kalibaari road, City point road begin from Scandal Point and end at the wonderful destinations. Kalibaari road as the name indicates take people to the ancient temple of Goddess Kaali. City point road extends up to Summer Hill which then opens the way to the wonderful and gorgeous human creation and nature’s beauty, Viceroy Lodge now known as Indian Institute of Advanced Study.

History Of Scandal Point Shimla

Apart from the beauty that encircles Scandal Point Shimla another feature that draws attention is the name itself Scandal Point. Bizarre name brings forward an equally gripping history behind Scandal Point Shimla. Charismatic Bhupinder Singh, the Maharaja of Patiala and impressionable daughter of British Viceroy are the two main characters of Scandal Point Shimla story. Archives with hold that Scandal Point is so named as it is the point from where daughter of British Viceroy eloped with Maharaja of Patiala or was forcefully taken away by the king.

The consequences of scandal were such that entry of Bhupinder Singh was banned in Shimla. Maharaja of Patiala therefore built his palace in Chail, 40 miles away from Shimla. The palace built in 1891 today is another favorite tourist spot located amidst the dense forest of Deodars. Though History behind Scandal Point Shimla has always remained questionable in terms of its authenticity yet Scandal Point Shimla story have entertained many of the sightseers as well natives visiting chail palace or Scandal Point in Shimla.

How to Reach Scandal Point Shimla?

Scandal Point Shimla is well connected with buses from both ends though as per the nature of hills it does demand some amount of walking on either corner. On one side the metalled path connects Scandal Point with Lakkar Bazzar bus-stand while the other end is connected with old bus-stand with well paved road. Road leading to Lakkar Bazzar bus-stand has streamlined arrangement of shops commonly known as Tibetan market and old time’s theatre Rivoli. Road connecting old bus-stand with Scandal Point has larger market area as compared to former. Scandal Point Shimla towards old bus stand has layers of markets. The Mall being the crust is topmost market, beneath it lays Middle Bazaar and the market nearest to bus-stand is Lower Bazaar.

Surroundings Of Scandal Point Shimla

Remarkable restaurants and hotels surround Scandal Point Shimla. Lavish food, Luxurious rooms accompanied by additional benefit of luring view of Scandal Point allow the hotels near Scandal Point to add on to their profits. The images of Shimla Scandal point presents heart-throbbing beauty of hills either taken in a camera or displayed on the walls of tourist center or in the gallery of hotels near Scandal Point. Shimla Scandal point images capture front pages of most of the nation – wide newspapers especially during snowfall season, when mesmerizing beauty of Shimla is revealed by the white snow-covered deodar trees, silent snow laden quite benches and peaceful paths.

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