Sanjauli Shimla

Sanjauli Shimla

Sanjauli is an ever encompassing area surrounded with greenereries and stimulating views all over. Various sites in Sanjauli Shimla are an ideal illustration of perfection. Sanjauli Shimla, which once was a periphery to the Shimla core has now expanded and advanced at such tremendous rate that it has made an identity for itself.The bustling and self-sustaining town is home to various heart stopping and exhilarating sites and sceneries. The expansion of Sanjauli Shimla is not recent.

It has very well existed ever since the time Shimla itself was transformed from the small village of “Shamli” into the summer capital of the Nation. Rather than relying on tourists for income, as is the norm among various towns and cities, Sanjauli insists on focusing on self employment and its ever increasing Agricultural industry.

Sanjauli Shimla - Culture

The suburb of Sanjauli Shimla grew at a rather rapid rate to accommodate the every increasing flow of migrants into Shimla. We witness a unique combination of small localities that are constantly merging under the umbrella of Sanjauli. The Sanjauli region is currently witnessing an alarming areal expansion and economic growth. The monkeys are also a menace in Shimla, hence we highly recommend that tourists keep their valuables and eatables inside their bags.

Crunchy food courts and exclusive shopping showrooms are what make Sanjauli Shimla a place mto visit and one of the preferred residential places for the indigenous people of Shimla. On one hand, Sanjauli Shimla is on the outskirts of Shimla Urban centre whereas on other hand, it stand at the threshold for the rural Shimla. A contrast as stark and beautiful as the place itself.

Budget Hotels in Sanjauli

Residential stay of tourists is handled by various budget hotels in Sanjauli. Most of the Sanjauli hotels are easily approachable and affordable in comparison to hotels on The Mall and The Ridge. Budget hotels in Sanjauli have a high standard of living, owing to a fierce competition between the hoteliers. Hotels in Sanjauli are a preference of the tourists who wish to see beauty beyond the premises of Shimla. Most of the Sanjauli hotels picturesque the simple and rich life style of Shimla’s rural area from their windows.

Sanjauli - Views and Scenaries

A single lane road from Sanjauli Shimla pierces through the dense forests of Deodar, cuts through the rocks and takes the traveler into the mesmerizing hill stations. The scenario changes after crossing the Dhalli-Sanjauli bye pass road. Destinations beyond Dhalli are wonderful expressions of nature controlling human-interference and being in its true form. A sudden rise in altitude takes you closer to nature and the simplicity of the place itself. There are various breathtaking and enchanting places in Sanjauli that many tourists prefer Sanjauli to Shimla.

Dhingu Mandir Shimla

The foremost destination, which apart from being the main attraction of visit to the tourists is a sacred spot for natives is Dhingu temple Sanjauli. The temple is dedicated to Mata Durga. Dhingu Mandir Shimla has an ancient origin story which is paramount to folklore for the natives. There are various images archived in the Sanjauli Shimla sectional records that reveal the existence of temple in the form of a small mandir about 150-200 years ago.

Dhingu temple Sanjauli, ever since its origin, has undergone varied restoration activities. The beauty of the Dhingu Mandir Shimla is amplified by its devotees who prefer to walk bare-foot up till the temple and seek blessings of loving “Mataraani”. The architecture of temple lies in being simple yet elegant. There are various ships on the path to Dhingu temple Sanjauli for helping travelers for purchasing refreshments and other commodities. Dhingu Mandir Shimla is located at the top of a steep cliff. The Temple from its premises presents an enthralling view of Sanjauli Shimla.

Sanjauli Chowk

Another attention garnering spot in Sanjauli Shimla is the Sanjauli Chowk. The Sanjauli Chowk is the only spot of the town which remains active throughout the day till late night. Roads bifurcating into different directions from Sanjauli Chowk keep the traffic of vehicles and people in continuous movement. It is due to this continuous hustle-bustle of locomotives that in Sanjauli Chowk motor vehicle traffic hours have restrictions from 6 to 7 am in the morning whereas the timings are 5 to 7 pm in evening. The Sanjauli Chowk is the core point of various spots in Shimla and acts as the core centre of operations and transportation for the overcrowded population.

Sanjauli Transport

Transportation facility is present via a well- knit network of roads connecting Sanjauli Chowk with main Shimla and upper Shimla. From Sanjauli Chowk the renowned medical centre of the state IGMC (Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla) is just 2-3Kms. Transportation facilities for the people from Sanjauli Chowk to hospital are readily available via HRTC taxies and bus service. The path is well metalled and has various scenic spots, therefore we prefer walking over automated travel.

On the same way lies a renowned college embraced by the tag of Centre of Excellence, Government Degree College, Sanjauli. The path in the end ultimately merges with Lakkar Bazzar. The natives of Sanjauli prefer walking to the use of vehicles owing to the congested roads and constant traffic jams. Also, for tourists we recommend use of cycles available for rent.

Sanjauli Weather

The Weather in Sanjauli is fickle and everchanging. The Sanjauli Weather generally records low a temperature level in all seasons as compared to all other parts of Shimla. Though The temperature contrast isn’t much. It is a quite common phenomena especially in winters for Shimla to witnesss a sunny weather while Sanjauli remains cloudy. We highly recommend that you carry an umbrella with you during winter times else be ready to witness the sudden downpour Shimla is famous for.

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