Multi Storey Parking in Shimla

Multi Storey Parking in Shimla

Shimla is a rapidly growing city. The number of people living here is constantly increasing each day and so is the number of cars. You’ll realize that the number of cars in the city has almost doubled. Hence, finding an ideal place to park your vehicle has become a serious concern. If you’re a working class person who travels daily by his own car, you’ll realize how hard it is to find an ideal place for parking your vehicle. Sometimes, you’ve to park it several hundred meters away from your location. However, not anymore because the government has offered a more reliable solution.

It has constructed a new multi storey parking spot with accommodation capacity of 700 vehicles (the number are going to increase further after complete construction). This will offer you a more reliable solution to the problem of finding a proper parking spot in Shimla. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the multi storey parking in the city. Let’s have a look:

Interesting Facts About The Multi Storey Parking Near The Mall Road, Shimla:

  • The parking lot is made with whopping Rs. 60 crore budget.
  • It has the capacity of parking 700 cars initially. However, after complete construction, it will be able to accommodate more than 1700 cars.
  • The government has leased the parking to a company called M/S Shimla Tolls and Projects Private Ltd. for next 30 years.
  • The concession fee will be Rs 1 Crore per annum with 10% increase after every 2 years.
  • The concession will be paid to Municipal Corporation Shimla.

Multi Storey Parking Shimla Charges

Not many details about the multi storey parking rates have been revealed yet. Anyways, you can expect that they will charge you only the regular rates.

Parking Charges in Shimla

Our Verdict on the Multi Storey Parking Shimla

Given the rise in the number of vehicles in the city and the unavailability of proper parking, government’s decision to establish a multistorey parking in Shimla proves to be a wise decision. This will solve the problem of parking to a major extent. From now you no longer have to wander here and there for finding a proper spot to park your vehicle. Instead, you can park it in the parking spot and relax. All you need is to pay some amount as a fee. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Anyways, what do you think of the new multi storey parking Shimla? Are you interested to use it for parking your vehicle? Please let us know in comments. Your views will be appreciated.

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