The Mall, Shimla

The Mall, Shimla

The perfect place to savour the true charm of Shimla is Mall Road Shimla. It is one of the major attractions for tourists as well as locals for recreational activities. The Mall Shimla was built by British during their colonial rule in India. Mall Road Shimla has various colonial structures, hotels, shops, cafe, restaurants and showrooms which make the place unique to hang out.

Mall Road Shimla

The Mall Shimla is open on all days thru out the year. The good news is that though being a famous tourist place there is no entry fee for visiting Mall Road Shimla. It is a no vehicle zone as no other vehicles except emergency vehicles are allowed on this road which serves as an icing on the cake. So you can enjoy the pollution free environment while strolling without worrying to keep a watch on traffic. Timings of the Mall Road Shimla are 9 am to 9 pm.

The other major attractions which add to the beauty of The Mall Shimla are Scandal Point, Gaiety Theatre, Kali Bari Temple and Town Hall.

Scandal Point is the place where Mall Road Shimla joins the Ridge road. It was named so because of a historical story associated with it. It is said that an Indian Maharaja eloped with a British lady from the Scandal Point. After this instance, this place was named Scandal Point because of its connection with the escape affair. The most pre-eminent feature of Scandal point is the statue of Lala Lajpat Rai, a great freedom fighter.

Gaiety Theatre is one of the prominent colonial structure on The Mall Shimla. It was opened on 30th May, 1887. Many noted actors and actresses have performed here. It is also known for its social club nowadays. Many schools and colleges use it for their art exhibitions and performances.

Kali bari Temple was built in 1845. It is associated with the belief that goddess kali existed near Jakhoo in ancient times. A wooden image of goddess Kali is worshiped here. The local people have great faith in this temple.

Town Hall, the other colonial structure is the Municipal Corporation building. Though it has been recently renovated but the building is preserved in its original form as a true heritage. It has large steps and entrance area which is a really common place for people to sit and relax.

Shopping is an activity usually enjoyed by many people. If you are one of this kind then Shimla Mall Road Shopping offers you a variety of things which will be a delight to your eyes as they are unique as well as beautiful. The list of items that are a must while doing Shimla Mall Road Shopping includes Shawls, Himachali Topi, Wooden items, Handicrafts, Jewellery, Books and Woollen garments. You can use your bargaining skills while Shimla Mall Road Shopping.

Mall Road Shimla offers amazing scenic views from the adjoining areas to gaze at, along with an enjoyable experience of Shimla Mall Road Shopping. So pack your bags and make your experience of visiting this place a memorable one.

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