Kali Bari Temple Shimla – Himachal Pradesh

Kali Bari Temple Shimla – Himachal Pradesh

About Kali Bari Temple Shimla

Kali Bari Temple Shimla is a remarkable spot of attraction for the visitors to the city of Shimla as well as its general population. As the name is suggesting the Kali Bari Temple Shimla is devoted to Goddess mother kali, whose another name is “Goddess Shyamala”. In fact, Goddess Shymala who was previously located on the top of Jakhu Hill Shimla was brought to its current position by the Britishers. It is interesting to note that the city of Shimla also takes its name after Goddess Shyamala.

Location of Simla Kalibari Temple

Simla Kalibari is situated just above The Mall Road. To its North lies Fingask Estate and Upper Kaithu, to its South lies YWCA evening college, GPO and Ridge; towards East lies the mighty Himalayas with their crowning glory i.e. snow-clad mountain chains of Kinnaur. Overall Kalibari Shimla has a central and commanding position. The narrow road from Ridge to Kali Bari temple is hilarious and cozy. You need to be careful because there are many monkeys who are always there to greet you with their mischief’s.

History of Kali Bari Temple Shimla

Kali Bari temple came into existence in 1845. Initially a wooden icon of blue color was installed on an alter in Kali Bari temple. It is believed that mother Kali is an awakened Goddess that means those who have deep affection and dedication to her, will always feel mother Kali’s mercy and blessings in their lives.

Hotels Near Shimla Kalibari Mandir

‘Hotel Chaman Palace’, ‘Hotel Sita Palace’, ‘Hotel Hill Top’ towards Kaithu side of Mall Road and ‘Hotel Silverine’ and ‘Hotel Willow Banks’ are located towards the southern flanks of Mall Road Shimla. These hotels are quite near to Kali Bari temple. Besides these, accommodation in Kali Bari itself is also possible if explored through Gmail.

Best time to visit Simla Kali Bari Temple

The best time to visit Simla Kali Bari temple is at the time of Durga Puja i.e. Dussehara and at the time of Kali Puja i.e. Deepawali. At the time of Durga Puja, mother Goddess Durga who is another form of Goddess Kali makes a visit along with her family to her own abode i.e. Himalayas. In this occasion Goddess Durga attracts hundreds of devotees to experience her compassion and love for the whole humanity. Morning ANJALI and evening ARTI are very special features at the time of Navratri in Simla Kalibari Madir. Besides this, Kali Puja is also celebrated with great enthusiasm in Bengal on the day of Deepawali. There are huge celebrations at Simla Kalibari temple in the honor of Goddess mother Kali. Kali Puja is also highlighting the victory of Goddess over evil.

Besides rainy season, all the other months are good for visiting Kalibari temple Shimla. In the rainy season it would not be advisable for the tourists because of the frequent landslides in the Himalayan region.

How to reach Simla Kalibari Temple?

Simla Kalibari temple is quite accessible on foot. These who are fond of walking, should start from H.P University Summer Hill, come up to the Chaura Maidan and then advance forward crossing AG office, enjoying the scenery along the way and after walking further on the Mall Road, crossing telephone exchange one would reach the Scandal Point Shimla. From this point come up on the Ridge and start moving along GPO, Evening College, YWCA, and UCO Bank, and finally you reach the Kali Bari temple on the left side of the narrow road. This walking experience is unique and would require approx. 55 mins.

Besides this walking expedition, Kalibari Shimla is also also a lift on the cart-road that carries the visitor from cart road up to Mall Road.

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