Jakhu Ropeway

Jakhu Ropeway

Have you ever visited Shimla? Well if you’ve, you might be well familiar with Jakhu temple. Yes, I am talking about the Lord Hanuman temple located on a peak above the ridge ground and which has a 108feet high Lord Hanuman statue. Now tell me, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Jakhu temple?8KM long trek featuring picturesque beauty and a lot of monkeys in between thatyou’ve to climb to reach the temple. However, very soon your views will change – because there’s going to be a faster and much better alternative to reach Jakhu peak. Yes, I am talking about the newly constructed Jakhu ropeway that will allow you to reach the temple in just 5 minutes. Yes, reaching the peak is going to be a lot easier and remarkable.

Shimla Ropeway Fast Facts

  • The ropeway connects Jakhu temple to the ridge ground and is the first ropeway in Shimla.
  • The whole distance is about 8km.
  • Usually takes an hour to reach the top. However, now the distance will be reduced to 5 mins.
  • Whopping Rs. 40 crores have been spent on the project.
  • Popular company Jagsons International Limited will manage the project.
  • The project has been made on public private partnership model – in which Rs. 57 lacs will be paid in the first year and 15% collection every year after that.
  • It took almost 10 years to finish the project.

Load Carrying Capacity

Each cable car has a carrying capacity of 480kg. It can carry six persons at a time. All the cable cars and ropes are imported from Switzerland.

Shimla Ropeway Tariffs

For Adults:

One side fare: Rs 300

Round trip: Rs 550

For Children:

One side fare: Rs 250

Round trip: Rs 450

How The Jakhu Ropeway Will Affect Your Journey To Jakhu Temple?

For a normal person, the trekking to Jakhu temple is nothing less than fighting some battle. It’s about the half-an- hour climb. However, if you don’t have much practice walking – you can get tired. Not only this, there are many people who’re old or have serious health conditions. What if they want to visit the temple? How will they climb the trek? Moreover, you encounter many monkeys on your way up to the temple. This raises a concern if you’re going with your toddlers. There’s always a risk that some monkey may bite or scratch them. However, you no longer have to worry about these concerns. With the new Jakhu ropeways, your journey to the Jakhu temple will become a lot easier. While earlier it used to take half an hour to reach the temple, you can reach in 5 minutes now. From now on, old and ill people can also visit and offer prayers to Lord Hanuman. Yet another thing, you'll also get a chance to capture the scenic beauty of the queen of Hills from the sky. This is going to be an epic experience.

How Will The Jakhu Ropeway Affect Tourism in Shimla?

Every year thousands of people arrive in Shimla to have a happy time in the mountains. This includes tourists from all over India and other countries across the globe and when they arrive – they ensure to visit the Jakhu temple. However, due to their busy schedule and the concerns we’ve mentioned earlier some people hesitate to climb and visit the temple. However, with this ropeway – reaching Jakhu temple will be very easy. All you need to pay some fee, board the ropeway, and reach the temple in 5 minutes. So simple and hassle-free process, isn’t it? This will surely attract more visitors towards the city and increase the revenue, which is good for tourism point of view. On the other hand, some taxi drivers are concerned about their business and have feared losses after the ropeway. “Earlier tourists used to hire taxis from mall road to reach Jakhu temple. However, now the business will suffer for sure”, said a taxi reporter in an interview to a leading newspaper. Anyways, what are your views on the new Jakhu ropeway in Shimla? Please let us know in comments. Your views will be appreciated.

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