Advanced Studies Shimla

Advanced Studies Shimla

History of Advanced Studies Shimla

Advanced Studies Shimla is the most impressive display of India’s growing propensity towards research and development in the field of humanities, natural sciences, art and culture with an inter-disciplinary approach i.e. removing all the barriers between different fields of knowledge.

Advanced Studies Shimla was created at the initiative of India’s 2nd President Professor Servapalli Radhakrishnan and our Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. Hence, IIAS Shimla became functional from 20th October, 1965.

  1. To unify all the humanity together.
  2. Creating bonds of friendship and harmony amongst them.
  3. At large highlighting and appreciating India’s unity in diversity as emphasized by Dr. Radhakrishnan, “We should not be prisoners of status quo.”

Therefore, ‘Institute of Advanced Studies’ Shimla, Himachal Pradesh is an effort to bring people together on the basis of education and interchange of ideas. Before India’s Independence in 1947, the ‘Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS)’ was housed in the gracious and stately building known as ‘Viceregal Lodge’. Before 1964, the Honorable President of India also resided at ‘Rashtrapati Nivas’ in summers for a few time.

The architecture of the building, housing IIAS represents European renaissance and it was designed by the architect ‘Henry Irwin’. Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla was built between 1884 to 1888 under the guidance of the ‘Viceroy Lord Dufferin’. ‘Indian Institute of Advanced Studies’ is a major landmark of Shimla and it has immense value from the viewpoint of tourism.

Advanced Studies Shimla is actively organizing tours inside the ‘Rashtrapati Nivas’ twice in one hour. This starts at 10 A.M. and the last tour begins at 4:50 P.M. In a group, only 40 people are allowed and the tour is performed under a professional guide having knowledge of this building’s history in depth.

Advanced Study Shimla is closed on every Monday for tourists and visitors, but in other days it opens at 8.00 A.M. and closes at 6.00 P.M. A very nominal fee is charged for entering into Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla.

It is interesting to note that IIAS acted as the value for several significant political events, which decided the fate of millions of people inhabited in the Indian sub-continent. To name a few such political events are Shimla Conference (1945), Cabinet Mission (1946), and final plan of partitioning India.

Fellowship of Advanced Studies Shimla

The fellowship programs of Advanced Studies Shimla are divided into two parts i.e. ‘National fellows’ and ‘Fellows’.

  1. ‘National Fellowship’ is for maximum two years and awarded to prominent scholars in their respective fields.
  2. ‘Fellows’ constitute the main body of scholars, get a term ranging from six months to two years. Fellows of IIAS do their research projects of course with the approval of the institute. In this manner, a lot of formal as well as informal interaction occurs amongst the fellows.
  3. Thus, IIAS facilitates an interdisciplinary approach to handle any problem confronted by the modern world.

Besides the National Fellows and Fellows, Indian Institute of Advance Study Shimla also nurtures three categories of scholars termed as –

  1. Visiting Professor.
  2. Visiting Scholars.
  3. Guest Scholars.

These three categories have different terms and conditions.

The International Center For Human Development

The IC4HD in IIAS was inaugurated on August 19th, 2013 in Shimla. The proposed goal of this center is the promotion of policy dialogue on human development in the Global South and transforming the human development researches into action. The collaboration between IIAS Shimla, HRD ministry of Govt. of India and United Nations Development Programme, helped this center to grow smoothly.

Tagore Center

The Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS) Shimla was also named as ‘Tagore Center’. It was named by the HRD ministry of Govt. of India on 150 anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore for the study of culture and civilization. Every year in IIAS, four ‘Tagore Fellows’ are appointed to work on Tagore’s vision and concerns for the growth and upliftment of mankind.

Gandhi Fellowship Program

Advanced Studies Shimla Fellows also has ‘Gandhi Fellowship’ for talented youngsters, who are studying in India’s top colleges. The aim of this program is to develop leadership qualities amongst the youngsters and primarily creating model schools in India.

Fellowship At Advanced Studies Shimla Fellows, 2016

Such fellowships are advertised nationwide and the selection of fellows is done by a committee formed by the governing body of the institute.

Facilities For IIAS Fellows

The fellows of Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS) Shimla are provided with free accommodation, telephones, computers, and internet, stationary, an excellent library along with a fellowship grant.

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