Tara Devi Temple Shimla

Tara Devi Temple Shimla

Tara Devi temple Shimla maintains its unique identity in the immediate environs of Shimla. It is devoted to Goddess mother Tara which is another name of “Goddess Kali”. Tara Devi Mandir is a famous landmark very near to Shimla but not exactly within the limits of the city.

Location of Tara Devi Temple Shimla

Tara Devi temple is located on Kalka-Shimla national highway on Tarav Hill which is very near to Tara Devi railway station. There is a distance of approximately 11kms between Shimla and Tara Devi temple.

Physical Setting of Tara Devi Temple Shimla

The setting of Tara Devi temple is on the lap of mighty Himalayas far from the crowd and congestion of the city. It is situated at the height of 6070 feet from the sea level and is itself a unique phenomenon.The area around Tara Devi Mandir is adorned by oak and pine trees as well as rhododendron (in local language brass trees) and expansive meadows.

On the hill top, the air is absolutely pure and noise is minimum as if the mother nature is unfolding its grandeur for the mankind to see. One also feels as if Goddess Tara Devi in the form of mother nature is bestowing a healing touch to the wounded humanity.

History of Tara Devi Temple

Tara Devi Temple was built around 1766 A.D. by kings of SEN dynasty. Tara Devi Mandir is surrounded by a few popular beliefs.

  • One of them is that the Goddess Tara (Goddess of Stars) is lovingly watching us from the skies and showering her blessings on everyone.
  • It is also a popular belief that Goddess Tara was brought on the lap of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla from Bengal in the 18th century.

The story goes like this, the king ‘Bhupendra Sen’ had a vision that their family Goddess Tara wished to be established near the present location of the Tara Devi Mandir. So that the populace in this area could receive her kindness and compassion.

King Bhupendra Sen immediately paid his honor to Goddess Tara by erecting a temple on the same site and installing a wooden idol of the Goddess there.

After several years, Raja Balbir Sen had a thought as if their mother Goddess Tara is asking him to establish her on Tarav Parvat i.e the present ‘Tara Devi Hill’. The king established her on the top of TARAV PARVAT with an idol which is made up of ‘Ashtadhatu’.

How to Reach Tara Devi Temple

Reaching the temple at the top of Tara Devi hill is quite romantic and thrilling. You can reach Tara Devi Temple on foot from Tara Devi station by covering a distance of 4Kms. The hill-top gives a glimpse of Shimla city and the snow-clad mountain peaks towards north side. Similarly, its southern aspect shows the lush green plains as far as the eyes can see.

Besides this, Tara Devi temple is also reachable by taxies and buses from Shoghi and Shimla. They carry the visitors to a point which is hardly 200 meters from Tara Devi temple.

Celebrations in Tara Devi Mandir

Tara Devi Mandir is worth visiting at the time of Dussehra and on Durga Ashtami. On such occasions, temple arranges huge feast in the honor of Goddess mother Tara, along with a fair attended by thousands of devotees of mother deity.

The month of July to August and December to January is difficult due to rainfall and snowfall to reach the Tara Devi temple. Otherwise, rest of the year is quite suitable from the viewpoint of tourism. Timings of Tara Devi temple is from 7.00 in the morning till 6.30 P.M

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