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The Launch of www.shimlahp.com – An Informative and Innovative Tourist Guide

India is the land of the most diversified topographical features on Earth. Flanked by the lofty mountain ranges of the Himalayas on the North to the picturesque Backwaters in the South – every state of the country is embellished with Nature’s creation. The website www.shimlahp.com beautifully and elaborately brings forth the many interesting facts on the different city and bucolic locales of the aesthetic city of Shimla – the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

Shimla has history intricately imbibed in its very essence and blowing winds. Rich in heritage and culture, Shimla is one of the most desirable tourist spots in India and ShimlaHP aids all the travellers as their tourist guide. It is an extremely informative website giving detailed and precise information on the different tourist spots in Shimla. Every person eager to explore the delineated city of Himachal Pradesh can procure comprehensive and reliable facts and knowledge about the place.

ShimlaHP is designed such as to provide every visitor from abroad or even other parts of India itself, with utmost convenience with their browsing experience on the website. On every famous location in Shimla, the website uphold a satiating bunch of facts starting right from the historical heritage to every minute data of the respective place. This website does not only emphasize on providing information on tourist spots but also provides equally accurate and detailed information on the heritage buildings, temples and many more. On the website ShimlaHP , complete information is displayed on different temples like the Sankat Mochan Temple. It not only speaks of its historic legacy but also about the related important facts such as the duration during which the gates of the temple are wide open for all its visitors from across the globe. These informations on the website are not only precise but largely authentic also.

While planning a trip to any part of the world, every tourist is inquisitive of the weather conditions of the place they are planning to visit. ShimlaHP is a true guide to its tourists. It does not only provides information about the different locations in Shimla but also provides with the weather forecast. It is a very essential and integral part of the various knowledge that a traveller must possess about the places he is visiting. This special feature of ShimlaHP surely proves it to be a better and more desirable tourist guide over many other websites.

However ShimlaHP does not restrict its horizons of informing people only of the places in Shimla. It also exhibits a bundle of facts and details on the places around Shimla. Unlike many other tourist websites, this special amenity provided by ShimlaHP is simply a cherry on the pie. The broad range of comprehensive information delivered in an innovative way makes it all the more different and trustworthy for the travellers from abroad and even the ones at home.

Thus browsing through the pages of the website one can acquire better understanding of God’s created grace and essence of Shimla and the other neighbouring locales in Himachal Pradesh.