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Lakkar Bazar Shimla
Lakkar Bazar Shimla

Lakkar Bazar Shimla

Lakkar Bazar Shimla

Out of few landmarks that paint the picture of Shimla. One old in existence, full of beautiful expressions, is Lakkar Bazar Shimla. The bazar consists of shops selling wooden items. The speciality of Lakkar Bazar lies in its art carvings done on wooden platforms.

Twigs of wood are so molded that they imbibe the expressions of love, friendship, remembrance. These wooden tokens are the most popular souvenir among the tourists. The place seems to have a life of its known, enchanting and impressing all along.

Lakkar Bazar Photos and Memorabilia

Lakkar Bazar Shimla Photos are one of the most sought after memento for tourists. Hanging wooden key-rings, wooden sculpture of deities, the wooden canvas and carvings are a common sight. These items not only décor the walls of shops and houses of buyers but also act as a reminder of the present as well as the archived Lakkar Bazar Shimla Photos and views.

The budget travelers visiting Shimla prefer taking souvenirs with them rather than making hefty purchases on Mall Road.

Roller Skating Rink

The path all the way from Shimla Lakkar Bazar up to the bus-stand is full of various attractions. First and foremost is the Roller skating rink. The indoor rink is one of the favourite past times for the tourists. Loud music booms across the indoor arena, further energizing the crowd. We highly recommend tourists to watch out for pickpockets, a rather common occurrence in the area.

Meena Bazar Shimla

Meena Bazar is another attraction catering to our shopaholics. The market is full of unique ornaments and jewelry shops as per the taste of young ladies and gentlemen. It is one of the most preferred destinations for tourists who wish for a peek into the life of the locals.
While visiting Lakkar Bazar it feels compelling to mention the famous “chole-bhature” shop of “Sita Ram”. The shop is the most preferred food court for localites and tourists visiting Shimla.

Tibetan Market Shimla

Apart from lakkar Bazar Shimla there is another shopping location which contributes widely to the fashion trends of the city: Tibetan Market Shimla. The market is composed of shops selling items suiting the needs of the buyers both in terms of taste and price. Tibetan Market Shimla location is convenient and easily reachable.

Any one with shopping bags can walk down the steep slope and board a bus from the bus-stand. Shops in Shimla Tibetan Market are maintained and well managed by the native Tibetan community. Shops in Tibetan Market are streamlined so as to give an impression of long train making its way on steep slope.

Ice Skating Rink Shimla

Situated near the Shimla bus stand lies the ice-skating rink of Shimla. The rink is an open ground which when covered with snow during winter months becomes a natural ice skating rink. However, with decline in snowfall, there has been a slow decay in the condition of the rink.

Lakkar Bazar Hotels

Shopping points, Scenic beauty and eating hubs have always lured the tourists towards Lakkar Bazar Shimla. This is the reason that almost all the Lakkar Bazar Shimla Hotels remain to be full in all the seasons as there is constant flow of sightseers into the city. It must also be noted that Lakkar Bazar Shimla hotels, although relatively cheaper than their Mall Road counterparts, the living standards are also lower.



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