Kolkata to Shimla Tour Packages

Kolkata to Shimla Tour Packages

The bong connection of love for nature! The never ending saga!

From The City of Joy To city of peace: Kolkata to Shimla Tour Packages

Being a Bengali and from Kolkata, the city of joy makes you essentially an admirer of finer things in life. If you love culture, nature and music then Kolkata to Shimla tour packages are just the thing for you. We all know the love of travel that every Bengali has.We know that they appreciate beauty and nature like no one else in the country. Hence a Shimla package from Kolkata makes perfect sense. Shimla a place where the modern and the vintage fuse in perfect synergy. Have a walk down the memory lane or go for some parasailing the choice is entirely yours. Come solo or with a complete family, Kolkata to Shimla tour packages has something for every type of traveler.

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Enjoy the natural beauty and the sober local culture. Feel the vibes that snow-capped mountains bring. The serenity of Shimla is in its experience and can only be appreciated by lovers of nature. Feel like you require some divine help then Shimla is dotted by such places where you can meet and interact with real gurus and yogis. Are you a food hog, then Shimla offers everything that you can imagine. From local delicacies to chef brewed cuisines Shimla has everything on offer. Stay options are also great, humble lodges with a great view or a full-service 5-star hotel Shimla has everything. It a place where there is nothing to hate. For booking, you can fill our booking forum. We will get back to with a great deal.

How To Reach Shimla From Kolkata

The climate is great and everything else can wait for these great Kolkata to Shimla tour packages.So don't sweat and pack up your bags. There are direct flights from Kolkata to Shimla so in a way enjoying Shimla is just an airport away. Book in advance and enjoy great offers and discounts on Shimla package from Kolkata.

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