List of Hill Stations Near Delhi

List of Hill Stations Near Delhi

Best Hill Stations Near Delhi

Delhi the power hub of India. Everything about this place radiates power and pride. The fast-paced life of Delhi is not for just anyone.Delhi is a cruel city. It's a city where only the leanest and the meanest survive and grow. You have to be tough to survive the cruel city. Now whatever we said was for the life in general. Whats adds up to stress, is the killer summers of Delhi. With temperatures touching 40 degree celcius with dry heat. The place is seriously hellish during summers. Living in Delhi, then you might want to run away a bit during summers.Today we will be discussing the hill stations near Delhi. Why would we be doing that? Because it's always a good idea to destress and be away from the heat for a while

Now To Compile This List Ee Will Take Two Criterions

  • Hill stations near Delhi within 300 Kms
  • Hill Stations near Delhi within 500 Kms

Hill Stations Near Delhi Within 300 Kms:


Roughly 245 Kms from Delhi. This a great option for sightseeing, trekking and just chilling in general. The place is quiet cold during summers and hence can be a good travel option.


250 Kms from Delhi the place has a national park, a fossil park and is a great place for trekking and other similar activities


265 Kms from delhi , its the best place to just laze around and do nothing


Almost 300 kms from delhi, the place apart from its cold climate offers great sight seeing and trekking


Again almost 300 kms from delhi. The place offers the best of chillout experience. With warm locals and cool climate the place is best for trekking and just lazing around.

Hill Stations near delhi within 500 Kms


324 Kms from delhi, its as famous as shimla in appeal. The place is full of nature and is best for backpacking,camping,trekking and in general just chillin and doing nothing. Quiet a famous tourist destination.


345 kms from delhi, words can't explain this destination. It is full of surprises and undoubtedly the most sought after tourist destination for the entire country. You would find almost every sort of hill activity at this location.


475 Kms from Delhi, its a super haunt for the spiritually inclined. A hotbed of genuine buddhism and hinduism. This place offers a lot in terms of mental peace and natural beauty than you can imagine. It's a place which needs to be experienced first hand to know what we are talking about.


538 Kms from delhi. A place a bit far. But what it lacks in distance is compensated by the fun this place is. With the best subzero feel. This place can be your summer capital. Full of life and activity, a must visit place for those scorched by the delhi heat.

Also Shimla would be by far coldest hill station near delhi in june. So pack your bags and plan a proper trip to any of the above destinations.

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